November 11, 2009

Beach Painting at Poppy Sims

Download at Poppy Sims


  1. Call it creative license if you like, but does it seem as though the painting parts are out of order? Like the right side one should be in the middle instead.

  2. haha xD Yes it seems so.

  3. It probably is actually first anon, I've recolored this mesh before and the texture isn't as simple as plopping an image dividing in 3, You need to switch and flip the middle panel.

  4. lol it's been fixed!

    I love this painting, btw, even before it was fixed.

  5. Thanks for all your comments....This was my first time I did this painting, I am more into clothes...I kind of liked how it was messed up but then decided to try again and do prefer the latest. I am thinking of posting the old one back, maybe for those crazy sims who like stuff messed up ;-)

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