April 19, 2010

Drinks For Your Sims by ani_

Download at Mod The Sims

Random Interactions done to yourself
- Sing: They will use the WA sing animations, but sing the song from the shower, it doesn't always sync up well, but what drunk singing does?
- Pass Out
- Wet Self
- Get Naked (or if already naked, choose a random outfit)
- Talk to Self
- Bad Buzz (the animations from getting electrocuted)
- Cry
- Drunk Hysteria


  1. haha, I have to try this one out.

  2. This is great, have to try this out too. I have missed the drunk animations/stories since Sims 1.

  3. Now that we're getting some more "adult" mods (like this one and the hooker mod comes to mind), when will we get the REAL adult mods?

    I read a post on sexysims2.com in response to either the orgy rug, "sinful shower," or the rabbit vibrator that these things wouldn't be possible for Sims 3 because EA got scared with all the puritan whining and tightened up the coding to lock out certain types of animations.

    Is the above true? Would it be possible for a highly skilled modder to create the custom animations needed?

  4. ^ Jeez I hope it's not true. People also might just say it's not possible because they haven't figured it out yet, or something. Who knows.

    This mod however looks AWESOME <3

  5. Whoever told you EA somehow magically blocked animations that don't exist yet from being usable is a moron. THat's absolutely impossible.

  6. Says the all knowing and all powerful Claeric.

  7. those things created with ts2 will eventually be possible with ts3 at least i like to think it would. They need to bring back the car and closet woohoos. whats more fun that conceiving a kid in a closet???

  8. Thanks for the clarification, Claeric.

    This was the exact response when someone asked "how about creating these objects for The Sims 3?"

    Unfortuanatly, that's impossible. EAxis got crap once word spread about hacks, mods and animations such as these. In TS3, they've tightened up the coding. Even if someone hacked their way in there, they couldn't publicly put out such things, or they'd face a major lawsuit. :/ All us adult players can do is say 'DAMN' and download skins and 'invisible' clothes.


    I'm really glad this isn't true!

  9. Dude! I want "Get Naked" interaction when you click in your sim! That would be awesome, to stay naked all the time alone at home. \o/

    I do that in RL, I want to be able to do that in the game too!!!

  10. Claeric, I'm not trying to attack you but I think the anon was saying that may be one of the reasons why it still hasn't really been figured out yet, not saying its totally impossible just difficult

    I really like this mod, I hate that sims can "drink juice" and nectar and not have any bad affect from it

  11. Yeah, that person is a moron.

    they couldn't publicly put out such things, or they'd face a major lawsuit.

    Bulllllllshit to the max. Modifying a game is not illegal, and the game itself says "Online interactions not rated by the ESRB" which means "You can totally probably download dildos for this game, but that's not our fault".

  12. Yay! Drunken stupor! Thank you :D

  13. I miss the sims 1 action punch or poke thing when your sim drank too much. THis will be great so my junkie sim can enjoy himself.