July 28, 2010

Retexture of Anubis360's Sailor Moon Ribbons by Syera

Download at Bog Sims


  1. Why? it looked fine.

  2. From the description
    "This is essentially a partial retexture of Anubis360's Sailor Moon ribbons. It replaces the moon brooch with a solid-colored brooch, and is classed as a Left Ring instead of Gloves so you can pair it with your own gloves if you wish to use it on a different outfit, say a cocktail or wedding dress." It's small but useful to certain people I guess

  3. Why, I think it would need a retexture anyway. Anubis did a great job, I dare say I haven't seen better SM outfit for the sims ever, but somehow it lacks shades.
    This one will come handy anyway, so thank you!