September 19, 2010

14 Fashion bags by GuijoBô

Download at Blog de GuijoBô


  1. i have to get some of these!

  2. Do any of her downloads still have the doll? I know that she posted a few bedroom sets since people were saying that her downloads had the doll. I remember reading one poster saying that she left her a comment to alert her at her site but she deleted it...

  3. well these are some of the bags I converted but with her patterns. Her patters had the doll and I tried to leave her a message but she ignored it...
    I just hope that people won't think that the doll came with my bags =/

  4. Check her stuff first if you really want to download it.

    All her patterns that I downloaded had the doll and I also left her a message like Camille and she didn't even put the message on her site. Chose to ignore it as well. I went a month later and re-downloaded some of the patterns to see if she had done anything about it and they all still had the doll.

    So you have been warned..... be careful.