October 01, 2010

New Haven by Rike

Download at The Sorceress and Company


  1. Anyone know where the stove/shelves came from? I looked in the listed CC and cant find it.

  2. The stove is Sims Trastos, I checked the link on the side of MS3B here and that site is up, but the downloads page is missing (broken link on that site). It *might* be in S3pack format, though, so that would make it included with the house (and might be the only way to get that stove now).
    Half the stove is just empty space, I usually stick a counter in there so Sims can use it as a counter. You won't even need moveobjects on to do that.

    The cabinets are from here:

  3. The interior decorating leaves a lot to be desired, IMHO.