February 21, 2011

Harmonia Dining Set by Kardofe

Set includes:  table, chair, painting and decor.

Download at SimPLE - registration required


  1. its a really cute dining set, but I don't want to register to get it since, it says

    "Register expressly authorize the sending of the Newsletter of Canalmail your email and send advertising agreement and acceptance of its terms and conditions of use and the bases of the draw, you must read by clicking on Terms and Conditions and bases Sweepstakes ."

    I have to agree to be spammed in order to download their stuff?

  2. ^This is exactly why I hate pretty much ALL registration sites. Unless your site is the size of MTS or TSR and you are pumping out a similar amount of content on a regular, daily basis, then you shouldn't have a registration site. Simscave is different because of the pay content people upload there, so registration is worth it.

    There is no sense in someone having to have upwards of 50 or 60 accounts just to download all the Sims content they want.