December 02, 2011

The Basket Experience - Pet beds for The Sims 3 by Gosik

Download at Platinum Simmers - Registration required

Thanks, Anon:)


  1. I love it, it looks really well done.

  2. it is really cute. how about for some more basket experience, a pet bed that is a laundry basket with some blankets in it. That is what my RL babies prefer over any actual pet bed :)

  3. Grr. Would anyone be willing to share this? I've created an account for that forum twice, and both times it's gotten deleted not long after I created it, probably because I never bothered to post anything using it. I'm getting tired of repeatedly creating the same account.

  4. Hi Anon. We do not delete any accounts just because they don't post anything. However we do regularly delete accounts over a month old which were never activated (by the email activation link) because these accounts cannot be used and often people simply forget they created an account at all. In your case I'm confused, though, because you wouldn't have been able to log in to download anything with an account which had not been activated.
    If you want to try and resolve this problem please get in touch with, stating the email address(es) you've used to create accounts and I'll try and work out what went wrong for you.
    Enjoy the pet baskets all, I know I am :)

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