December 31, 2011

GWGS Hair Retextures by Marie Antoinette

Download at There's Cake in Your Hair

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  1. why? nothing can save this mesh. gagastore stuff is utter shit.

  2. Be careful who and what you insult, even on the internet, because people have very fragile feelings... and trust me... they won't be as kind nor as polite as myself.

  3. "why? nothing can save this mesh. gagastore stuff is utter shit."

    But I bet that's better than anything YOU could make.

    It's one thing to dislike a hair, but to callously trash someone's hard work as "utter shit" makes you out to be a nasty, pathetic excuse of a human being. If you don't have constructive criticism, then keep your ignorant comments to yourself. We've lost a lot of great creators (and creators who would've been great had they been given encouragement and instruction on how to improve) due to complete and utter assholes like yourself. I'd rather see the contributions this guy makes than the flaming pile of shit you call a comment, which contributes nothing at all to the Sims 3 community.

    Hair is the hardest Sims 3 object to mesh, which is why you see very few people (except the veteran pay creators from Sims 2) meshing hairs.

  4. THIS^

    why is it that assholes always bag on hair meshers? The CC creators say it's the hardest thing, so you should be worshiping hair meshers for even having the balls to attempt it.

    Even if the hair comes out looking odd, it gives you no legitimacy to trash the creator. It's easy, being rude to the creator = more weird hairs in the future, constructive criticism = quality hairs.

  5. I think this is pretty good! I can see myself using it even though I am not a Gaga fan, I like what you did with it.

    I don't think you should take the insults so personally especially when they are harsh and unconstructive. Maybe that anon is having some rough issues in his/her life and it has nothing to do with you. I've seen a lot worse comments here and viciously aimed at the creator him/herself.

    *not taking sides, just sayin'*

  6. Btw, I think your models are gorgeous. :D

  7. This is probably better than anything I could make, but that's not saying much. I don't download things to compare to what I can or can not do. I download things that are nice. Luckily, I have many options. This, however, is not one of them.