July 13, 2012

Fashion Decor by Granny Zaza

Download at Sims 3 Models


  1. I really wish creators like these would give credit where it is due.
    *I* originally created those mannaquins for the Sims 2 and uploaded them to MTS.
    I don't want to sound butt-hurt but a little recognition would be nice. I can't stop them using the meshes as they are MAXIS, but posing them like that and adding the base really wasn't easy.

  2. Personally....I understand why someone would be upset about credit for the meshes....but the community desperately needs items like these!

    I searched for months before I found three of the H&M stuff mannequins that had been converted for Sims 3.

    I am so happy to get these for my clothing store I could die! : )

  3. I'm sorry, I did not know the name of the creator. I am happy to put you a link you provide, and thanks to website. And thank you for creating such wonderful things!