March 26, 2013

lesbisim’s ‘NORMAL BOARDING SCHOOL NAMES’ override mod!

I wanted to create this mod as soon as Generations came out, but back then I didn’t have the modding knowledge. But now I do, I just had to get it done!

I’m sure 90% of us will agree that if we came across a real school called The School of Peace and Love, we’d steer well clear of it for our (current or future) children, and if we saw one called Dribbledine, we’d probably just laugh. It always irked me that the boarding school names were so silly, and pretty much put me off even using them.

These new names are, in my opinion, far more realistic. The schools are now called Eaton Manor Prep School (in place of Smuggsworth Prep School), Culver Ridge Military School (in place of Fort Starch Military School), Bosch School of Art and Design (in place of LeFromage Art School), Beckham Sports Academy (in place of Dribbledine Sports Academy) and King School of Peace Studies (in place of School of Peace and Love). Bosch was chosen for Hieronymus Bosch, the famous painter; Beckham was chosen for David Beckham, the famous footballer; King was chosen for Martin Luther King Jr, the famous activist; Eaton Manor and Culver Ridge were just names that sounded fitting to me.

Read more at and download at lesbisims


  1. I find it myself no big deal. I don't bother with those school names. It's a game after all and everything in it is all fantasy. Some people are way too serious about it. By the way; with Mastercontroller you can edit the school name yourself and give a own name to it. And i find beckham not a good name for a school and especially not in a game.