March 13, 2013

Pee Here (Scripting Mod) by Simsmx

This mod adds a new interaction to male Sims so they can pee on terrain.

The interaction is only available if the Bladder motive is at 50% and it will be stopped if another Sim is too close to your Sim (unless both Sims are in a romantic relationship).

This is a scripting mod, so conflicts with other mods are unlikely.

This mod was compiled against patch 1.50. It does not require any expansion or stuff pack.

Download at Simlogical


  1. This is genius and absolutely hysterical!!!

  2. "The world is my urinal!"

  3. Clever. Always annoying when I have to leave a tomb entirely, go ALL the way to a cafe or base camp just to use the toilet! They prepare you with dry food, a tent, even shower in a can, but no way to GO! Also, is there a similar one for the female explorers?

  4. I was hoping to redownload this on my new computer, but the link died. How sad.