January 24, 2014

New Sims by Jelly-Nick


  1. They're awesome, especially the last two.

  2. The Craig link is not there. It goes to the blog. Craig is the best one! I want Craig - how can I get him?!

  3. Link to Nakima's hair doesn't work either. Don't post Sims if you don't want to give people the ability to download them - it's not fair!

  4. Guitar Girls Sims 3 Creations, I am sorry I just realized that this was posted on here. Did you get them to work? I am not having an issue with the links not working. Please message me on my tumblr page if you are so I can help you out. Thank you!

  5. @Guitar Girls Sims 3 Creations:

    It's not Jelly-Nick's fault, it's her blog theme + your browser (Firefox, right?).

    FF doesn't handle her blog theme's navigation bar well.

    When you hover over the buttons, you'll see they slide out. But even when you don't, the area that they *would* slide out to becomes those links, so the top half of the window won't function right.
    Try it in Internet Explorer, it works fine there.

    Side-note @Jelly-Nick: None of your sims hosted on box will download. The download page on box is there, but when you click the button, it starts to load as if it's getting the file, but finishes without doing it.
    Other box links that *aren't* yours seem to work 100% fine. No clue why.