March 12, 2014

Sims by Jelly-Nick


  1. @Jelly-Nick, I messaged you (maybe twice? Wow, that's annoying, sorry. :-x) to tell you that all your sims hosted on box don't download, which was heartbreaking because I wanted *all* of these 4 sims.
    It's not the browser; I tried FF, IE, and Chrome, all with addons enabled, and disabled.

    Other peoples box links work fine. Dunno why.

    Could you (or anyone who got them) mirror them somewhere? Or if the D/L links work for you *now*, tell me what you did, 'cuz I'm stumped.

    1. UPDATE: She has since re-uploaded / mirrored ALL her sims that had problems.

      Really appreciate it, Jely-Nick!