June 23, 2022

A Little Bit About Where I've Been, Why I Left And A Thank You For The Years Of Support From The Sims Community


When I started My Sims 3 Blog in 2009, it was just a few months after an injury at Salem Hospital in Massachusetts. 

The Blog afforded me to make a little money from Google, while I thought I was in recovery from what was done to me at this hospital and I enjoyed doing it, because I love The Sims.

I have never asked for money and still refused to, because of what happened to me... that is on Salem Hospital for what they did to me and the cover ups that followed. 

This hospital is well protected, being owned by Mass General Brigham. 

In 2012, when the injury was corrected by a wonderful doctor and his team at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, I started getting really angry about what was done to me and sought out attorneys, but was told by close to ten lawyers, that they are a part of Partners and Mass General and would drag out this case for years, until it cost more to try the case than what I would get for a settlement.

I had no choice but to sell my family home in 2012 to survive a few years and move into another home for less money. I have survived off of my own money for 13 years now, without help from The State or Government until recently. 

In 2018, I was forced to do the same thing and sell my home again to buy something for less money to survive another few years.

I was repeatedly denied disability, because their doctors determined I was not disabled, yet I never once saw a doctor from Social Security in those 13 years.

The following posts I will add after this one are my entire story and explain everything. The lies, the corruption, altering and flat out lying on my medical records, all to protect themselves. I posted three entries on THIS BLOG about what was done to me, it's all there

I moved from Massachusetts to New Hampshire on January 2, 2019, after closing on my house in Massachusetts and quickly purchasing my new home in New Hampshire.

Still being denied help of any kind from The State and Social Security. 

Finally, my nurse from my health insurance recommended I talk to someone at Center For Life Management in New Hampshire, things started moving along.

They are a mental health facility, where I have a counselor, IMR (Illness Management Recovery) counselor, In Shape, which helps with the years I spent in bed, so sick from what this hospital did to me and an advocate.

I was finally legally declared disabled by the state and Social Security.

I look at this as a temporary thing and I hope it is. I've tried going back to work a few months ago but my limitations from being bedridden for pretty much six years started increasing again.

I know it will take some time, but I do have a great team of people on my side.

Salem Hospital contacted me in 2017 when I posted about what was done to me while in their care on Twitter.  They wanted me to take what I tweeted about them down and tried turning it around on me, asking why I am doing this to them. Eventually I did, but started tweeting again a couple of years ago.

They contacted me again a couple of months ago on Twitter, this time I just rudely responded to them and never called them, like they asked me to. I don't know if they finally wanted to offer a settlement or just turn things around on me once again.  

My entire story and my activism against this hospital is here: https://twitter.com/salemhospitHELL

I know the name is silly, but it's the truth. What they put me through and the years of being ignored, I honestly questioned many times if this hospital had actually killed me in 2009 and this has all been some sort of Hell state I've been living since.

Before this injury, I walked and hiked 5 to 10 miles, usually 5 times a week.

This place destroyed my life and got away with it... or at least they have for now.

Center For Life is now starting a new program with me for career counseling, and I hope to go into some type of patient rights/advocacy and they will be, as they've been, my primary target.

Their reviews are horrid and they keep getting away with ruining people's lives.

Thank you for listening. 



  1. I'm so sorry that you had to go through all this, I hope others will help you get justice and hopefully improve the situation at this hospital so patients will get the care they deserve! It's great that you are trying to change something for the better. I hope you succeed!
    I've been a big fan of your sims 3 finds blog back in the day, I still create TS3 CC and this blog helped me to get followers and downloads when I started out.
    Good luck and take care!

  2. Thank you so much. I continue to fight against this hospital, despite many dark times after what was done to me there. I've had a lot of people message me after what I've posted about this hospital, thanking me for warning them. So even if a couple are saved from what I've gone through, I'm happy.
    I also loved your content and am happy the blog helped you in the beginning. I put a banner on this blog for your Tumblr. I don't know if it will help, but this blog still gets thousands of visits a day, as an archive.
    Thank you again, and take care as well.

    1. Thank you so much, that is really kind of you! 💛
      It's great that your voice helps to protect other people. Helping others is so rewarding!

  3. Sorry this happened to you. I know hospitals put false stuff in medical records because it happened to me in Scotland. I had bad care during childbirth and after and the nurses were aware of their wrongdoing when I got seriously ill so they wrote nonsense in their notes making out it was my fault. I found it impossible to sue them for what they did to me and I still suffer for it 32 years later. Just keep speaking your truth, what are they gong to do about it? If they take you to court you get to have your say.

    1. I'm sorry this happened to you. They have asked me repeatedly to take down what I've said, but can't do anything legal about, because it's the truth, no matter how they deny it. Funny what you've said about taking me to court. They would never do that, because they don't want me to have my say in front of a judge.


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  5. I'm sorry to hear that the your previous care provider is being such an ass to you for the past few years. I hope you're doing well and will receive justice in the future.

  6. Oh I am so sorry, I stumbled upon this looking for Sims 3 cc, but I had to comment I am from the UK and I believe that some hospitals are very evil places. My dear, darling mother was killed in a UK hospital with a euthanasia drug behind my back, I never got to see her before she died a nurse just injected her with midozalam drug and she passed. I am so sorry of all the things you endured with this hospital and you have my support. Kindest Regards to you.