August 18, 2009

CAS Texture+Unitool Available at Mod The Sims

The CAS Texture Unitool, is a tool to basically allow you to edit the CAS Part files that control which textures appear on which meshes. Using this tool, you may add new textures that appear in CAS for a specific mesh. You may also edit the pattern cutouts for those textures, the specular, the base colours, and pretty much everything possible thats available in the file. Additionally, you can add brand new, non-replacement meshes into the game.

Find out more and download at MTS.

For what it's worth - Hair Pack from Garden Of Shadows

Update 08.17.09 - I simply forgot to make proper LODs for children and toddlers versions, so I fixed that and also added texture references to adult versions in order to save some space on disk drives Smiley Please re-download updated files.

Download all of these hairs at Garden Of Shadows. You can download them individually or all in one.

File names:

Basic Brows Set

HystericalParoxysm at ModTheSims made these eyebrows for The Sims 2 and has converted them for The Sims 3. Works for both genders, all ages and there's four styles. Download at MTS.