December 22, 2012

Coats for Seasons by Judie

Download at All About Style

AF Outerwear page 1

ESkin nATURAL+ by Ephemera

First Screenshots & Box Art of Sims 3 University Life at Sims VIP

More pictures at Sims VIP

Cool Sims You Da One Edit/Retextures by Shock & Shame

Download at Shock & Shame

Other versions

Stella McCartney by Rusty Nail

Download at Rusty Nail

Christmas Garden Set by Abuk0

Download at Abuk0 Sims 3 Downloads

Lil Lupine Cottage by Cameranutz II

Download at Sims Crossing

Venus as a Boy and Girl Skintone by Kewai-Dou

Download at Kewai-Dou

Floor Lamp by Sandy

Download at Around The Sims

Bad Karma - Yuxi's Fallout Radio Converted with Evanesco's Recolors by Sim It Up

Download at Sim It Up

Skysims Hair 074 for Females

Download at The Sims Resource - Subscriber only

55DSL Store Collection without Prints by Modern Lover

Download at Modern Lover's Blog

More Wall Art by Aelisc

Download at D55 Studio