January 01, 2010

Bordeaux Set by Gosik

Download at The Sims Resource - Free

Amy Sol "Moon Paper" Painting by Missimis

Download at Missimis

Abandoned Houses by Modern_Sims

Download at The Sims Resource - Free

Factory Windows by cyclonesue

Download at The Sims Resource - Subscriber only set.

Recolored Xylophone by Helaene

Download at Helaene

Kokeshi Doll by tine93

Download at The Sims Resource - Free

Clothing and Shoes by Lenna

I've only downloaded the things in the first three pictures, so I have no idea how the rest looks in game. The tops are pretty big files (up to almost 20 MB) and the shoes and boots are around 7 - 24 MB.

This site is Russian and registering is sort of difficult, if you don't have the automatic translation. I took a picture of the the registration page translated, to help...but there's confirmation pop ups and whatever. I think the site must have been spammed pretty badly or something, you can't even view the items without registering.

Anyway, I think the shoes in picture 2 are the ones someone was asking about last week:)

Download this and more at Lenna Sims 3 - Registration obviously required.

New Paintings by Sims Initiative

Download at Sims Initiative

Single Tile Recolorable Glass Partition by orangemittens

Download at Mod The Sims

Fantasy Wing Tattoos by Emhpb

Download at Garden Of Shadows

Thanks, Eric:)

New Hair, Clothing and Accessories by Peggy

The first two hairs, the outfit and the accessories are free, everything else is donation/special gift.

Download at Peggy Zone

Hair file names: