September 02, 2012

Dresses from The Sims Medieval converted to The Sims 3 by Sil Sharkie

Download at Sil Fantasy

Cazy Sorrow Hairstyle - Female Set

Download at The Sims Resource - Subscriber only

Neon Dress by Lore

Download at Lorandia Sims

AF Everyday

Magic Shopping Mall -5BR,5BA by Tofu7

Download at Sims Tofu

Red Hall Set by Kima

Download at El Desvan de Kima

New Hair for Males and Females by Sintiklia

Download at Sintiklia's Creations

Cazy Lemon Retextures by Beaverhausen

Download at Beaverhausen

Other versions

Maddams Family Mansion by Astorina

Download at Parsimonious

Thanks, Bob:)

New Set by Granny Zaza

Download at Sims 3 Models

Snow Crystal Sims Sailor Moon & Sailor V Manga Set

Download at Snow Crystal Sims

Cazy Sorrow Retexture by Julia

Download at Julia's Sims of Awesome

Other versions