June 15, 2012

Teen Things by Judie

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Long Days Painting with 10 Images by Orangemittens

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Vintage Portable Gramophone and Xenorganics Stereo by Kate

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Late Night Gig Scheduler Deluxe: Be your own agent! by NonaMena

Tired of waiting for those coveted gig phone calls? Be your own agent and book those gigs yourself!

This object requires The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Pack.
This object was created with patch level 1.34, and has not been tested with any other patch level.
This object is intended for Late Night Bands. It will have no effect on Showtime Gigs!

This mod has no known conflicts.
You may use this mod alongside core mods, tuning mods, and other script mods.
This mod will not conflict with Nraas MasterController, Nraas DebugEnabler, or Awesomemod, which all have the ability to force a certain opportunity to pop up.

Object name: Gig Scheduler Deluxe
Cost: 25§
Found in Buy Mode: Entertainment > Hobbies & Skills / Misc Entertainment. Decor > Misc Decor.
Polygon count: 139
Can be placed on community lots.
Can be moved up and down on walls (shift-able).
Cloned from the Forest-Fresh Corkboard.

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3 small Potted Plants by Lisen801

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Skysims Hair 026

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Updated Sets by Sailfindragon

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El Patio Outdoor Set by Abuk0

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Newsea Foam Summer Retextures by Serabiet

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Other versions

Skysims 22 Retexture by Retroxdance

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Other versions

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Grande Victorian by Zandvoort

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Blankets for Double Bed by Severinka

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New Patterns by Pilar

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Exceptionnel De Chanel Lashes MrAntonieddu

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Nike Sportswear Tees by wu82

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L'Oliverie by Rabiere

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