February 04, 2013

Colorbox Elder Clothing Project and Patterns

Download at Colorbox

Elexis Scene Queen - Peggyzone 4233 Hair Overhaul

Download at Ace Creators

Plank Seating Set by Galadrielh

Download at Galadrielh

Le Bateleur by O.Beverly

Download at O.Beverly Official Design Blog

Newsea Sweet Scar Retextures by Eternila

Download at Eternila's Stuff

Other versions

83 Patterns Decorative and Old Wood by IMHO

Download at IMHO Sims 3

Amsterdam Dining Set by Bluecoco

Download at Bluecoco Corner

Heart Pillows by NewOne

Download at One Billion Pixels

Lindy Hop Re-Meshed for Teen - Elder Males by Cloudwalker Sims

Download at Cloudwalker Sims

Colorful Paintings by Mea

Download at OumaMea's Abode

Glock as Accessory by HDS Creations

Download at HDS Creations

Newsea Swan Retexture by Bring Me Victory

Download at Bring Me Victory

Other versions

Hurrem Ring by Irida Sims

Download at Irida Sims

Weheartwall Set by S0rb3squ3

Download at S0rb3squ3

Newsea Sweet Scar Retexture by ILTS

Download at I Like The Sims

Hong Bao by Zedrael & Kuree

Download at Simlogical