June 02, 2013

Ginko H'hgar Hair for Males & Females

City Girl Dress by BEO

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Gabriel Eyebrows by Mamy Rocker

Polona - A Converted Factory Townhouse by Farfallesims

Three Mini Hanging Plants by Galadrielh

Carports by Yarona

Newsea Ferris Wheel Hair for Females


Villa Carol by Visty6

May Pole Stereo by MacTheKat

New Rugs by Faellu

New Things by Kimu412

TS2 PSP into TS3 Stereo and mp3 Player by Everlasting Garden

Dragon Valley Dragon Mods: No Cheaty Friend Summons

Using a purple dragon, your sim can summon a friend, providing an instant relationship boost of +25, or you can use the dragon to summon someone new. The Summon Someone New interaction makes your sim instant friends with the person that is summoned–an automatic +50 lifetime relationship increase.

By request in the Random Legacy Challenge thread at MTS, this mod wipes out those lifetime relationship boosts so that you can summon sims without altering relationship values.

Note that the Summon interaction does not allow you to select which sim to summon.

New Ceiling Tiles by Mabra

Newsea Candice Retextures by Beaverhausen

Bloom Ranch and Nectary by Gelinabuilds

New Hair Retextures by Shock & Shame

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