March 24, 2013

419 Alakea street, Honolulu by Samuel

Download at DH4S

Drama Eyebrows and Makeup Set by Ephemera

Download at Weak

Graffiti Lockers and Backpack by Severinka

Download at Sims by Severinka

Highway Dress by Anubis360

Download at Anto's Stuff

Zombie Fashions - Living Dead Collection by Cloudwalker Sims

Download at Cloudwalker Sims

University Female Hairs Extracted for Base Game by Pickypikachu

Download at Pickypikachu

Vibrancy" ~ ShowTime Female Clothes Conversion for Base Game by Eternila

Download at Eternila's Stuff

Store and Game Hair Conversions/Edits by Simsxolove

Download at Simsxolove

Ouroboros Archipelago by Simsl3gacies

Download at Simsl3gacies

Easter Wall Stickers by Mea

Download at OumaMea's Abode

Tuscan house with vineyard No.2 by JarkaD

Download at JarkaD Sims 3 Blog

Collins Rugs Set by Annej

Download at Sims Must Have

Writing Poses with Notebook and Pen by Pickypikachu

Download at Pickypikachu