October 24, 2012

Cherry Tree Kitchen Set by Pilar

Download at Sim Control

Newsea Masquerade Hair for Females

Download at Newsea Sims - Donation

All Ages

Halloween Decorations by Mensure

Download at Melinda's Shopping Break

New Patterns by Rabenbaeckchen

Download at Rabenbaeckchen

Augustine Living Set Plus Bonus Bedroom Items by Mango Sims

Download at Mango Sims

Butterfly Sims Hair 049 Retexture by Julia

Download at Julias Sims of Awesome

Ohbehave007 Halloween Set by Kitkat

Download at Kitkat's Simporium

New Dining Set by Fuyaya

Download at Sims Artists

Sleep Romper by NyGirl

Download at NyGirl Sims

Star Dining Room Set by DarkNight

Download at SimsTR

AnoeskaB's Farming Set

Download at The Sims Resource - Now Free

Zombies by Mimoto

Download at BlackBerryCake

Misha Collins - Castiel - by Freytdu

Download at Sims 3 Modeli

Romantic Eyes by Levitas

Download at Levitas Sims 3

Halloween Decals by NyGirl

Download at NyGirl Sims

Here and Here

New Paintings by Melissa Schwarz

Download at Melissa Sims 3

Zotto Dining Set by Fanny

Download at Janas Creatives

Leather Top Dress by NyGirl

Download at NyGirl Sims

Love Kitty House by Kidooma

Download at Kidooma's Blog

New Shoes by Irida Sims

Download at Irida Sims