December 12, 2013

Newsea Candy Bar Hair for Females

Alpine Meadows by Cink

Sugar & Spice Skinblend No. 1 by Fairsteadsims

Sims 2 Mansion and Garden Half Wall Converted by Levini

Skysims 167 Retextures by Beaverhausen

Lipstick Pudding by Sintiklia

The North Pole Ferry by Frau Engel

Finals Procrastination Rugs by Faellu

New Paintings by Yarona

Resources for Monte's various Fixes by ellacharmed

Faster Fixer-Upper Car

♦ Game Requirements and Compatibility ♦
Roaring Heights required. Mod was created and tested with patch 1.63

♦ Mod Description ♦
So your Sim spent all that time fixing up this awesome car just for it to go SO slow? Now you can speed down the streets of Roaring Heights!!

Speed Value - 90 (with mod installed)
Default Speed Value - 18

Jeremy Scott Leather Br & Denim Miniskirt by Gergana

MinSims Car Mirror Conversion by Tinkle

Miniature Horses-4 of them! by darkmoonight

Stylish Shopping bags by Ladesire

New Basket by Fanny

Smoothing Blush by Brittany

New Wall & Floor Tiles by Mulena

Horns by Championofsimswall