December 13, 2011

Hospital Poses by AddyKat

Download at AddyKat Creations

Sk8ter Shoes by Omega

Download at Cupcakes Taste Like Violence

Cooking And Ingredients Overhaul!!! + Plants Only Version [13/12/11 - Updated] by BlackCat007

This mod is compatible with latest updates for all games as of 13/12/11 (including Pets)

Plant Only version has not been updated yet, as well as any TashaFaun tweaks.

- Compatible with Pets
- New ingredients: Granola and Chicken Breast.
- Renamed Duck Pet Food into Turkey Pet Food. Chicken Pet Food now uses Chicken Breast instead of Turkey. Fish Pet Food uses any fish. All new recipes use three ingredients.
- Implemented carrot into bar drink names - will produce veggie drink now if used.

Read more and download at Mod The Sims

Thanks, SolventPostcards:)

Bry’s Treehouse

Download at Bry's Creations

Alchemy Gothic Demimondaines Earrings by SH

Download at SH * SIMS

Wavy Hawk Age Conversion by Jasumi

Download at Jasumi's Blog

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End Table, Rug and Lantern by Tinkle

Download at Black Pearl Sims

Retro Realty - '70s Modern Family Home by missroxor

Download at Mod The Sims

Nicola Dining Set by Breeze

Download at Breeze Sims 3

Chapi Bathroom Set by Nefertari13

Download at Nefertair13 Sims 3

Showbiz, Profession and Other Rewards/Trophies for Display Cases and Pedestals by gesimz

Download at Mod The Sims

Sculpture Paintings by Hellen

Download at Hellen Sims 3 House

New Rugs by Clio

Download at ClioSims3

New Maternity Top for Adult Females by Poppy

Download at Poppy Sims 

AF Maternity