November 08, 2012

MysticRain's Hello Kitty Converted by Kitt

Download at Simply Kitsch

Going Indian Living Set by RicciNumbers

Download at Platinum Simmers

Invisible Sim Fixer Mod by Consort

I made a tiny little mod that attempts to fix the new invisible Sim glitch that is haunting some players since the Supernatural patches.

Sometimes you see - or don't see - invisible Sims in the game. Their thought and speech bubbles seem to come out of the ground.

How to use the Mod
-Click on the Floor
-Select "Fix Invisible Sims"

What is the Mod doing?
The mod tells all Sims in a 20 meter radius to change into the outfit category they are currently wearing.
This refresh can take a couple of seconds and hopefully the invisible Sims reappear.

Download at Simlogical

SkySims Hair 064 for Females

Download at The Sims Resource - Free

Mountain Cabin by Visty6

Download at Visty6

Stylist Sims Hair 02 Retexture by Rayne

Download at Rayne's Factory

Other versions

Decorative Toys by Severinka

Download at Sims by Severinka

Vintage Snow Time Paintings and Pillows by Mea

Download at OumaMea's Abode

Jules Verne Voyage Set by Galadrielh

Download at Galadrielh

Simple Planters by Anulaa89

Download at The Sims 3 World

Divinity Earrings by MrAntonieddu

Download at MA$ims3

Witches Accessory Broom by Kilhian

Download at Kilhian's Lair

Baroque Dress by Bukovka

Download at Bukovka Sims 3

New Paintings by Sim Picasso

Download at Just Sims 3 Art

Second Lullaby by BerryAnn

Download at BerryAnn Lots and Houses