June 09, 2013

Screen Doors and Porch Screening Windows by Cloudwalker Sims

Jeffrey Campbell ‘Snick’ Platform Sandal by Pixicat

Retroxdance - Newsea Shepherd / Crow Edit/Retextures

Original versions

Indoor Plants by Visty6

Custom Wainscoting Wall Set by Peacemaker ic

Michelangelo’s Medley Dress by Pretty Lady Babies

Button-Downs and Hipster Shorts by Simtorr

Hypochondriac Trait (Scripting Mod) [For Testing] by Sims MX

This mod adds a new custom trait for your Sims: Hypochondriac. This trait is available for teen and older Sims and can be found in the Lifestyle trait category.


Hypochondriac Sims may believe they suffer from one of the following diseases:

Disease Trigger
Athlete's Foot Taking a shower or bath on community lots
Bubonic Plague Playing with rodents
Bone Fracture Slipping, dropping pet stone on foot, falling from trampoline, getting mauled by bear
Diabetes Drinking honey, soda, nectar, or juice or eating candy
Genetic Disorder Researching symptoms on the computer, waking up
Mad Cow Eating beef-based meals
Parrot Fever Playing with birds
Pneumonia Getting wet or cold
Rash Checking self for rashes, getting fleas or itchy
Salmonellosis Playing with reptiles, getting kissed/bitten by a snake, eating egg-based meals
Skin Cancer Going outside on a sunny day without a parasol
Typhoid Fever Eating food from the food truck

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Kewai-Dou Yayoi Low Contrast Texture Version

Shingeki no Kyojin Uniform for Teen Males by Sakura

Alice Formal Dress by Altea127

New Rugs by Faellu

Nightcrawler 01 Edit/Retexture by Jassi

Band-Aid and Chapped Lips by Treesimz

10 Retro Hair Retextures by Pretty Lady Babies

Newsea Tera Edit/Retextures by Nigalkins

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New Posters by Crae

Skysims Hair 118 for Females

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Softy Blush by MartyP