March 18, 2011

Maxxi Kitchen Set Part 1 by Simcredible Designs

Set includes:  Counter, cabinet, cookbook, canisters, fridge, bottle, bowls, stove and shelves.

Download at Simcredible Designs

Camellia Bedroom Clothing_Part 1 by Mensure

Download at Melinda's Shopping Break

180 Redwood Parkway SV by Susieb

Download at Sims Crossing

Game Boards by Sandy

Download Around The Sims

Matryoshka Doll T-shirts for Children and Toddlers by nikkicornelisse

Download at Mod The Sims

New Paintings and Lot by Sasha and Mina

Download at BaraquesAsimS

Canteaka Moore by Honey32

Download at Mod The Sims

Stacker & container by Carlos

Download at Simming in Magnificent Style

Cazy Novocaine Hairmesh #01 for Males & Females

Download at Rainy Drops

Thanks, Mango:)

File name:

Villa Lyrical by JarkaD

Download at JarkaD Sims 3 Blog

Dream Set Walls and Floors by Nefertari_13

Download at Nefertari_13 Sims 3

Dining Sevilla by Pilar

Download at Sim Control

Tyra Banks-Style Eyebrows by Simmiller

Download at Mod The Sims