April 13, 2013

Rule Britannia Clothing & Accessories Set by Assassim's Creed Creations

Download at Social Sims

Kewai-Dou Cecile K Hair for Females

Download at Kewai-Dou

More Clothing for Males by Mochi029

Download at Mochi029

Cazy Ordinary Day Hairstyle Set

Download at The Sims Resource - Subscriber only

CoolSims 106 Hair for Males

Download at Cool Sims

The Tyranny Set - Wolf Headdress and Face Paint by Anita

Download at Capital Sims

Love Ring by Irida Sims

Download at Irida Sims

Newsea Blitz Hair for Males & Females

Download at Newsea Sims - Donation

All Ages

Yoda Teddy by Cloudwalker Sims

Download at Cloudwalker Sims

New Paintings by Sims3Time

Download at Sims3Time

Meronin's Boots ~ Conversion by Rayne

Download at Rayne's Factory

CoolSims 105 Retextures by Eternila

Download at Eternila's Stuff

Other versions

Lovely Laura Dress for Teens by Simplicaz

Download at Simplicaz

14 Hello Kitty/Sanrio Cabinets by Destroyed Simming

Download at Destroyed Simming

Wings Rock Candy Hair for Females

Download at Wings Blog

CoolSims 105 Retexture by PhantasiaSIms

Download at PhantasiaSims

Other versions

Peep Toe Open Heel Boots by Milina

Download at Milina Sims

CoolSims 104 Retexture by Pixelated Zombies

Download at Pixelated Zombies

Other versions