November 15, 2010

New Hair Accessory by Peggy

Download at Peggy Zone - Donation


Modern Church by by JarkaD

Download at JarkaD Sims 3 Blog

New Shoes by Rose

This isn't showing up on the dl page for me, but here it is anyway.

Rose Sims

Too Much?

I'm not really sure how I feel about the "Top Posts" thing.  I kind of like the idea but having three different ones for "week", "month" and "all time" seems a bit repetitive.  Anyway, let me know what you probably will grow on me.

The new "Broken Links, etc" tab at the top is for just that - broken links, dead sites, etc.  You can report anything you want in there and I'll definitely see it, since the posts get buried in no time.  I deleted a bunch of posts today, but could have missed some things.

The dead sites removed

Adelyne Sims
Aarin's Spectacles
Sim National

The rest of Sims Art Gallery old posts

And a few others:)

Bill posters by Alopex

Download at Mod The Sims

Blood Candy Vampire Lounge

Download at Holy Simoly

Thanks, Anon:)

New Mods at Mod The Sims

Vampire "Bed" Now Raise Motives! by Tremerion - This mod raise motives for vampires. Motives grow when vampire sleep on his/hers "bed". Ofcourse this not affects thirst.
Celebrity Pack by pcexpert - This modification updates the Celebrity Rewards you claim in you're path of the Celebrity. Making all the Awards buyable, in a logical sorting at the both buy mode's.

The Filter Door by Flyby - As the name implies this is a door that you can lock for specific Sims by using so-called 'filters'.

Summitt Terrace Apts by Cameranutz II

Download at Sims Crossing

New Top for Teen Females by Poppy

Download at Poppy Sims

New Toys and Table by Jennifer

Download at JenniSims

Double Column by Pilar39mx

Download at Pilar39mx Sims

Castle Pattern by JarkaD

Download at JarkaD Sims 3

Military base - Part 2 by Carlos

Set includes:  Fence, pole, gate, signs, bus and satellite dish.

Download at Simming in Magnificent Style

58 - 60 Water Lily Lane by Poppy

Download at Poppy Sims

Sculptures by Pilar39mx

Download at Pilar39mx Sims