February 04, 2010

NewSea SIMS3 Hair YU040f Laurie (Donate)

I talked to Joe last night and offered to post only hair until he is ready to come back. If I'm doing anything wrong just let me know.

Download at Newsea


Medieval Horns: Rose's hairmesh 066 conversion

Download at Annihilation's Sims 3 CC

File name: Annihilation_rose066conv

Free hair for toddlers and Children

Download at Peggy Zone

File name:


Coris Wonbin hair for males

Download at Annihilation's Sims 3 CC

File names:


Shymoo Hair 2

Download at Shymoo

File name: www. shymoo.com-sims3hair-a002

New Hair by moschino_K

Download at The Sims Resource