October 16, 2013

Dollhouse Kids Bedroom Set by Severinka

Lovebottle’s Eyes Converted by Brnt Waffles

Christian Louboutin Classic Mary-Jane 3D Pumps by MrAntonieddu

Clary's Outfit by Rayne

Dan and Toya's Heart Hair Accessories by Everlasting Garden

Skysims 153 Hair for Females

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Eclectic Styles Crop Top by Plumb-Barb

21 Resized Patterns by Shannasims

Seal Kitchen Set by Nikadema

Base Game Compatible Toys by Francythatsims

New Clothing and Accessory Jeans for Females by Alexandrasimblr

Seasons Backdrops by Shannasims

Updated Sunset Valley by Simsums

CC Free Tudor Home by Illawara

Espresso Machine by Mirel