December 01, 2010

Indoor Plants by Aikea Guinea

Download at Garden of Shadows

Vinny's Diner by Martine

Download at Martine's Blog

Shiny Tyme Cooktop Stove by Missbonbon

Download at Garden of Shadows

Grace Earrings by Sintiklia

Download at Creations for Sims 3 by Sintiklia

Thanks, Bozena:)

Chateau with Large Garden by JarkaD

Download at JarkaD Sims 3 Blog

Glass Floors by Inge

Download at Simlogical

Three Dresses by Like Sims

Download 1, 2 and 3

XM Sims Flora Hair 29&30 ~ Pooklet'd

Download at Anubis Under The Sun

File names:

Flora's version here, Aikea Guinea's here and Betty Boop's here

New Patterns by Nadiah

Download at SkySims

3 New pushable tomb objects by Alopex

Download at Mod The Sims

Helena Conversion Dress by Irink@a

Download at Irink@a

New Paintings by Yarona

Download at Sims3-Modeli

Ramone by cecesaun1

Download at Cstyles

Table umbrellas with famous drink logos for World Adventures by Carlos

Download at Simming in Magnificent Style

Part 2 here