March 03, 2012

New Clothing, Quilts and Paintings by Nadiah

Download at SkySims

Eco Chic Totes by Lpvinyl21

Download at Black Pearl Sims

No Stencils: 8 Store Items Edited by LemonJelly

Download at LemonJelly

Butterfly Sims Female Hair 047

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All ages

2x Weight and Fitness Integration core-mod by Consort by Consort


What this mod does:
With this mod installed, Sims can get fatter by overeating, build more muscle mass by working out or get skinnier by doing cardio. It also avoids "snapping" back to standard values for Sims created with other mods such as slider hacks.
A Sim's weight and fitness (that's muscle mass, not muscle definition) are usually limited to -1 to +1 by the game, this mod extends the values to -2 and +2 (see attached image). It does not add or remove code, it just adjusts those values.

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Castle Bedroom and Nany Nursery by Nefertari_13

Download at Nefertari_13 Sims 3

Castle Bedroom - Nany Nursery

Billowy Walls by VonNdaSun

Download at Black Pearl Sims - Registration required

Art Nouveau Bed & 4 Windows by Abuk0

Download at Abuk0 Sims 3 Downloads

Black Swan Eyeshadow by Justin_58

Download at Prada Sims

Dolce & Gabbana Underwear for Males by Rusty Nail

Download at Rusty Nail

Kisses Pattern by Allison731

Download at SailfinSims

Peggy 878 Retextures by irKatty

Download at Paint Stroke

Peggy version

File names:

Simmer Retreat Salon & Tattoo by My Sim Realty

Download at My Sim Realty

Quilts & Pillows Fix by Lpvinyl21

Download at Black Pearl Sims - Registration required

Here and Here