October 25, 2013

More Than 90 Medieval Objects by Souris

This and more

Moschino Cheap & Chic--Separates by Judie

Lunararc Moonlight Hair for Females

Amy Pond Inspired Outfit by Misty In The Blue Box

Druidsdream Alchemickal Shoppe by Caterpillarsims

Movie Theater Things by Sandy

Into The Future Rabbit Hole Rugs by Margaret Pendragon

The main two rabbit holes that came with The Sims 3: Into The Future are the Stellar Observatory and the Bot Arena. The buildings look kind  of cool, but as usual, are rather large, and not suited for every neighborhood.

You must have Into The Future to use these rabbit hole rugs. They can be used in your home town as well as in the future. They have the same options as the EA rabbit hole buildings. The only thing of note, the Servo Bot Arena must be on a commercial lot in order for the Enter Plumbot Competition option to appear.

Butterflysims 107 Hair for Females


2 Round Coffee Tables by Mirel

Super Hampers -- Automatic Laundry Pick Up (Plus Bigger Hampers) by Nona Mena

Tired of your sims leaving their clothes all over the house? Is your click finger numb from dragging those 800 clothes piles to the hamper every sim hour (how do they have so many clothes that all look the same)? If so, prepare to rejoice. My new Super Hamper series will automagically collect all of your sims laundry without any effort on your part.

Important Details:

This mod is base game compatible.

The Super Hamper Script is base game compatible, but the hampers cloned from Ambitions, TLS and UL will require their respective EP/SP in order to be used.
If you want to use a CC hamper with this mod you can either provide me a link to the CC hamper, so I can make an override for you, or you can make one yourself.
This mod was built with patch 1.63. May work with earlier patch levels but I am unable to verify this.
This is not a default replacement.

Simple Set Clock 2.0 by BlueHopper

InCMusic Tool - A new music manager for Sims 3 and other games by ksxxy

 InCMusic Tool by InvScribe
The InCMusic Tool by InvScribe is a fabulous new way to add music to games that support a "Custom Music" or "Custom Soundtrack" folder (future versions will add support for games that do not have a custom music folder). It is designed to allow game players to easily add their own music to such games with minimum hassle. In InCMusic Tool's primary mode (called Zero Byte File Mode), InCMusic Tool will create files in the custom music folder that take up no hard drive space. Even better, it does this VERY quickly! InCMusic Tool has many features, including other modes: Copy and Shortcut.

I originally made this for The Sims 3 and then tested it with other games. Presets include The Sims 2 and several other titles.

 InCMusic Tool 1.0 is Free
I thought about this long and hard. I decided to release it as free software for everyone to enjoy. There are no ads, nag screens, or anything like that. I only ask that it is not distributed outside of the channels that I have personally distributed it on (aside from sharing it with friends).

InCMusic Tool is compatible with all patch versions and all expansions. It is not a mod, hack, or object, and it is compatible with all known mods, et cetera. InCMusic Tool does not modify your game files. It simply creates the files you have asked it to generate.

The Blue Room by Martine

Alesso Sphere Hair for Females

Invisible Fairy Wings - Into the Future update by Tremerion

If you are experiencing lack of effects after installing Into the Future
(like: no energy inside portal gate)
use this updated version:

Exotic Headboard Set by Annej

Floral Rompers by Syee Lovesims