December 22, 2013

New Hair Accessories by Wings

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree by Gelina

Skyrim - Forsworn Accessories by Murfeelee

5 Skinblends by Treesimz

Ketheira's Default Replacement Lipstick

Skyrim - Dwemer Decor Set by Murfeelee

Faux Leather Top Dress by Lore

Vintage Christmas Tree Lot by Cloudwalker Sims

Duro Olowu by Rusty Nail

Supremesims Remi Hair for Females

Swim Dress by HardCandy

West Elm Rustic Entry Set and Address Planter by Marcussims91

Skyrim - Sundry Crap by Murfeelee.tumblr

Around The Sims Advent Calendar - New Object Every Day Through December 24

Skysims 170 Hair for Females

Paloo Cardigan by Dustandsunrise

My Present is Me (Objects for The Sims 3) by Kewai-Dou