September 10, 2012

Newsea Footprint Hair for Males & Females

Download at Newsea Sims - Donation

All ages

Brand Collection / NEW LOOK - Autumn 2012 by Orange-Sim

Download at Orange-Sim Club

Greennoodle Sweater by Sims in Spring

Download at Sims in Spring

Accessory Flashlight by Severinka

Download at Sims by Severinka

Shino&KCR's Art Nouveau Living

Download at The Sims Resource - Free today

Rose 99 Retextures by Eternila

Download at Eternila's Tumblr

Other versions

Sabrina the Teenage Witch's House 2012 by Wisteriabrayan

Download at Wisteriabrayan's YouTube

Color Block Dress for Teen & Adult Females by NyGirl

Download at NyGirl Sims

Plant vs Zombie Decor Pack – Day by Tsminh_3

Download at Tsminh_3 's Blog

Soil for Farming Collection by Tsminh_3

Download at Tsminh_3 's Blog

Magazine Pose n°2 by Inata

Download at Ziva's Blog

Brothers & Sisters TV Show House by Wisteriabrayan

Download at Wisteriabrayan's YouTube

In The Hospital Poses by Rated PG

Download at Kiddo's Dreams

Grettel by Nastasya

Download at Nastasya27

Cazy Lemon Retextures by Julia

Download at Julias Sims of Awesome

Other versions

ayyuff's Rust Pattern Set

Download at The Sims Resource - Free today