September 12, 2009

This hair has been updated

These have been updated again, so check back at Garden Of Shadows. New ones are for both genders and all ages. If you downloaded the originals here, the new ones will replace the old. File names in red below are the original file names. Download them separately or in one file.

File names:


New Hair at XM Sims

Download this at XM Sims for females - teen through Elder.

File name: XMS3-FloraHair013-TFtoEF

Fashion Victim Glasses by v_ware

Download these glasses for both genders, teen through elder at v_ware's blog.

Beauty on Paper

New Paintings at Sunset City Sims 3

Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette Reynolds from True Blood

Download this Sim by Arisuka at Mod The Sims. If like this Sims then check out Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse.

New Clothing, Boots and Shoes at All About Style

New Free and Donation Hair at Peggy Zone

The first is free and the rest are donation, so head on over to Peggy Zone to download/buy these.

File name: peggyzone-sims3-F-Fhair0019-090912