August 14, 2011

Calibri Versatile Bathroom Set by Morphead

Download at Mod The Sims

CoolSims Female Hair 43 ~ Converted for teen-to-elder by Anubis360

Download at Anubis Under The Sun/Facebook

File names:

Marthia Garden Set by Breeze Sims 3

Download at Breeze Sims 3

Patterns by Annett

Download at Annett Sims 3

Hair 34 & 35 for Females by Flora

Download at XM Sims

Hair 34 and 35

Thanks, Lotus:)

File names:

New Swimwear for Adult Females by Lore

Download at Lorandia Sims

AF Swimwear

Abstract Mass Produced Paintings by MacTheKat

Download at Pink Rabbit

Butterfly Earrings by Newsea

Download at Newsea

Cushionmania by MacTheKat

Download at Pink Rabbit

Loft Kitchen Set by Helen

Download at Helen Sims

Tinhouse's Garage Sale Conversions by Louma

Download at Black Pearl Sims

New Things at Khany Sims

Villa "Alizés" by Guardgian 

Plants by Souris

Living Room Conversions by Souris

Rugs by Khany Sims

13 Lost Willow Road by Susieb

Download at Sims Crossing

Paintings by Hellen

Download at Hellen Sims 3 House