January 25, 2013

Versace Kids by Judie

Download at All About Style

CF Tops - CF Bottoms - CF Outerwear

Pizzeria - Part 2 by Sandy

Download at Around The Sims

High Tops and Skinny Jeans by Omega

Download at Cupcakes Taste Like Violence

New Patterns by Choco

Download at Choco Sims

Base Game Compatible Pets Shirts by Frani721

Download at Simpering

Retro Thermos Coffee Maker by Kimu412

Download at Simple Studio 404

Felt Living Set by Xxinnine

Download at Daisy Sims 3

New Set at The Sims 3 Store

Ragtime in the Big Easy

Let the good times roll with these outfits from the roaring twenties! These glad rags are perfect for a casual stroll through the park or attending the most fashionable cotillion ball. Wearing these outfits, you're sure to be the bee's knees where ever you go!

Basic Tee for Teen - Adult Females by Pickypikachu

Download at Pickypikachu

755 Breakers Row, Palm Beach, Florida by Samuel

Download at DH4S

New Wallpaper by Granny Zaza

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New Chinos for Elder Females by Poppy

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Wretched and Decaying Accents by Syren

Download at The 13th Sim