July 07, 2013

Standing On The Sun Dress by HardCandy

Boat Shoes for Males & Females by Pixicat

Cazy Starlight Hair for Females

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Sweet dreams dress - 2 different styles for YA/A by Lunararc

Wings Petalage Hair for Females

Heart Hot tub "LOVE" by Galadrielh

Grace Kelly’s Rear Window Dress and Choker by Cloudwalker Sims

BioShock Infinite - Patriot Posters by Shokoninio

Miranda Dress by KanoYa

Butterflysims 87 Hair for Females


Cazy Starlight Retexture by Fanaskher

Eyelet Peasant Top by NyGirl

Skysims 121 Retextures by Beaverhausen

Daddy's Loafers for Tots by QuizicalGin

Colorblock Designer Day Dress by Lore

More Eye Conversions by Brnt Waffles