September 25, 2010

Solar Echo by Sparkle

Download at Sparkling Homes

New Paintings by Ilona

Download at My Little World The Sims 3

Sweet Home Americana by Sims 3 Properties

Download at Sims 3 Properties - unfurnished

New Dress for Adult Females by Lore

Download at Lorandia Sims

AF Clothing

Jail and Sheriff's Office by Sims Initiative

Download at Sims Initiative

The posters are here and here

Peggy Hair 515 ~ Pooklet'd for all ages by Anubis360

Download at Anubis Under The Sun

File names:

Peggy's version here

Le Pallette ~ Hair Colors here

New Clothing for Teen - Elder Females by Poppy

Download at Poppy Sims

Calling Stars Bedroom Set by Simcredible Designs

Set includes:  bed, bed cover, vases, clothes, end table, dresser, lamp, paintings, rounded tables and separator.

Download at Simcredible Designs

New Hair for Females by Peggy

Download at Peggy Zone - Donation

teen - elder here and toddler child here

New Hair for Toddlers & Children by Peggy

Download for both genders here - Free

File names:  


Download for females here - Free

File names:


Necklace and Hat for Males & Females by Peggy

Download the necklace here and it's free

The hat is here and it's donation