October 26, 2013

Le Cirque Nouveau- Flock of Evils Store Hair Edit/Retexture & Gender Conversion by Rusty Nail

Spider Dress and Tiara by BEO

For the EA Store "Savvy's Seller Collection" by Sandy

Fox Neck Sweater by Plumb-barb

Vintage, Aztec and Animal Print Patterns by Simsettee

Shino&KCR's Gothic Children

Halloween Gift 2013 by Veritas aka KG

Shmoopiesims Baby Hairs Hairline for Females

Amaro Bathroom Set by Mulena

Brenna Farmhouse by Peacemaker ic

Skysims 155 Hair for Females

Nightcrawler 01 & 02 Edit/Retextures by Fanaskher

Vanity Set 2 Items: Separate Dresser and Mirror by Mirel

Harbinger TS3 Alien Skin Revisited by Sim It Up

Mass Effect Snap Back Caps by TheCnih