September 14, 2009

Movie Posters by skeletalscreams at GOS

New Lattice and Stone Patterns at CC4Sims

New Donation Hair at Peggy Zone

There's a new donation hair available at Peggy Zone for females - teen through elder. If you're going to download the new version and want to remove the other version, or just want to try it out then go here.

The Single Bed [New Mesh]

Peggy 455 Converted by Savio

Download this for females - teen through elder - at Savio's Stuff.

File name: Peggy445_Savio-1.1

Vans: Female Teenagers and Adults by Sims2Time at MTS

Download at Mod The Sims More by this creator here.

3 more plants by lemoncandy at MTS

New Paintings at KrazyAngelKat81's Sims 3 Adventure

New Donation Hair at Rose Sims

You can purchase these three new conversions at Rose Sims. I'm not sure but think the first might be both genders...the other two are female.

Three-color eyeshadow by Gosik at TSR