November 11, 2011

Gymnasium Set by Sandy

Download at Around The Sims

Thanks, Anon:)

The Big Sweater And Pants by Judie

Download at All About Style

AF Tops pages 7 & 8 - AF Bottoms page 6

Drift - Hooded Top by Juliana

Download at Juliana's Corner

Warm Knit Scarf for Children - Adults by Newsea

Download at Newsea

Egypt Wall Decorations by Tahera

Download at Mod The Sims

Voom Study Set by Pyszny

Set includes:  Desk, Chair, Alarm Clock, Floor Lamp and Trash Bin.

Download at Pyszny Design

Romantic-Itty-Bitty Tiny Kitty World

Created by PoopCat - BangSain - ManduCat - Nore - Domangcop

Download at ggoyam - The Exchange - The Sims 3 Forums

More Pictures Here

Paradise Stars - A Set of Square BV Recolors in 3 Sizes by LemonJelly

Download at LemonJelly

Buckle Gladiator Sandal by Bi-Ang

Download at B.A's Blog

Akea Office Set by Kardofe

Download at Kardofe Construction and Decoration