October 23, 2009

Another Conversion by Peggy

Download this for both genders, teen - elder at Peggy Zone. This was also converted by Cazy, here and way back here.

File names:


Body Language Set by SIMcredible Designs

Download this at SIMcredible Designs.

Set includes the Dumbbells Rack, Weights Rack, Pilates Ball, Shelve, Exercise Mat, Step, Poster, Trampoline and Weights

iPod Conversion by Infusorian

Download at Infusorian's blog

Another Donation Hair Available at Peggy Zone

There's another donation hair for females at Peggy Zone - teen - elder.

Warwick Kitchen by Angelamveliza

Download at The Sims Resource - Subscriber only set

Clothing Update for Female Children at All About Style

Download this clothing, shoes and more at All About Style

Tabo Lamp by *n-a-n-u*

Download at The Sims Resource