August 11, 2013

Stately Goth Manor (residential - no CC) by sionelle

Burke Dining Set by PrzemUs 13

Lace Parfait Dress by Simplicaz

2nd set of designs Inno-Nails with transparency (are compatible with sliders) by KanoYa

New Furniture, Curtains and More by The Sim Cloudy


Devi's Eyeshadow by Mamy Rocker

Industrial Bedroom Set Add-ons by Galadrielh

Geisha Pout Lipstick and Hyper Shine Gloss by Nymphy

Bobsim’s Sims 3 3D Accessory Belt

New Shoes by Pixicat

Three Color Eyeshadow by Barble

Adidas Gazelle Sneakers by Hl7402

Soleil dans l'herbe by Visty6

Butterflysims 94 Retextures by Beaverhausen