May 19, 2014

Palm Shadows by Cink

Eyebrows Set 2 by Wundersims

Trippy Tapestries by Pixeltricks

3925 Road Bonifacio by Uriox

Moles by Silmarillionel

Armani Privé by Rusty Nail

Kativip Wall Conversions by Granny Zaza

Zipper Front Lace Bodysuit by Lore

Skysims 208 Hair for Females

The Julep by Iamsimming

ButterflySims 121 Hair for Females


Nursery Set by Paperfriendd

Housekeeper Service by douglasveiga


This mod will add Housekeeper Service into your game. This way you will be able to request a service Sim that will work 24 hours a day to clean and repair all the objects in the house.

This mod is highly recommended for those people that usually play with large families or don't like to perform domestic tasks like clean or repair stuff.

Clean and Repair Objects;
Full time Service (weekly payment $1050);
Annoying interactions and motives are disabled (like Social, Sleep, Hygiene, etc);

Versace 2014 Spring-Summer Handbag by MrAntonieddu

Raonjena 23 Retexture by Marie Antoinette