December 18, 2013

Peacock Pattern Set by Peacemaker ic

Booster Seat by Shmoopiesims

Great Dane, Cairn Terrier and Dachshunds by Morganabananasims

BuffSumm's X-Mas Dining 2013

American Dad House by Wisteriabrayan

Charlie by j-jul

Four New Patterns by Sectumsimpra

Septum Piercings for Males by Catfishbilliesims

Deco Evening Gown Edit (Roaring Heights) by NyGirl

12-Minute Cottage by Helga the WhiteWitch

Christmas Collars for Big Dogs by Everlasting Garden

Patterns by Simminglysimple

Flower Terrain Paints by Mabra

Cutie Pie--6 Children's Poses by spladoum