May 14, 2013

PradaSims Summer 2013 Collection

New Clothing and Accessories by BEO Creations

Registration required

Thanks WhiteCrow :)

Wright Hall - Dormitory by BuilditfilmitM

Skysims 111 and Blue Tabby Retextures by Pretty Lady Babies

Moon Fairy Necklace by Severinka

Pump It! Shoes by Simplicaz

Clothing by Flamefruit

Carport by Fanny

New Patterns by Candie Coded Sims

Bananas and Other Potted Plants by Galadrielh

Newsea Crow Hair for Females


Kimu412 North American Super Nintendo Super FUN Pack by Lazer Cats Do Exist

New Rugs by Faellu

Green House by Jetoysims3

Skysims 110 Edit/Retexture by Marie Antoinette